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Learning Goals & Success Criteria Learning Goals & Success Criteria

This graphic organizer helps teachers to keep track of their learning goals (comes from the curriculum) and co-created success criteria (created with students).

Learning goals and success criteria help students to understand what they are learning with concrete steps created with their input.

Monster Story - Monster Art - Monster Writing
Art, Reading, & Writing Activity

This is a fun activity for parents and teachers.  Read the fun story to children about Little Monster and his friends.  It's a great story for when children are just starting school.

Children colour and cut out the fun monster parts to make themselves into a little monster.  Next, they fill out the profile section, which matches the examples from the characters in the story.

Feelings Cards - Flash me your Feelings
Flash Me your Feelings

These are great for children to keep with them and every once in awhile, a teacher, ECE, or educational assistant can ask them to flash a card in order to keep track of their emotional state and make predictions about behaviour.

Cut out these cards and laminate them.  

Green = Good, Blue = Bored, Yellow = Sad or Frustrated, Orange = Upset, Red = Losing Control

Holiday Fun - Holiday Activity - Writing Activity - Snow Globe - Journal Writing
Holiday Snow Globe - Journal Writing

This is a fun activity for the holiday season.  It consists of children making a holiday wish, drawing a picture of it in the snow globe, and writing a short description of it on the space provided.

Children can also give their snow globe a name on the plaque.


Emotions Package
Emotions Package - Self Regulation

This is a one month program, requiring about 30 minutes per day aimed at helping children to:
  • Understand their emotions
  • Monitor their emotions (self regulate)
  • Communicate about their emotions
  • Plan for success
  • Practice positive behaviours

Classroom Management Package
The Ultimate Classroom Management Package

This package has a huge selection of classroom and behaviour management resources to setup a successful classroom.

It includes: a day plan, visual schedule, awards & certificates, groups & stations, learning goals & success criteria posters, name cards & sign in cards, special helper chart, cards, & calendar, sticker charts, voice level poster, & a washroom & drink sign out system.


Venn Diagram - Fun - Adorable - Kindergarten - Grade 1 - Grade 2
Venn Diagram

This is a fun and adorable Venn Diagram for kids.

Teach them to sort things such as shapes or concepts from stories and movies into the categories of SAME and DIFFERENT.

This activity comes with it's own activity and blank graphic organizers for your own projects.

Toilet Training Chart - White Board - Reusable
Whiteboard Toilet Training Chart

For use at home or at school, this whiteboard toilet tracking chart allows children to monitor their progress in toilet training.

It's exciting for children to be able to view the amount of times that they have successfully achieved their toilet training goals.  Help them to gain confidence and be proud of themselves with this visual aid.

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